Foster Guidelines

Foster families need to provide:

  • A healthy and safe environment for their foster dogs
  • Transportation to and from the shelter and all vet appointments as needed
  • A place in your home to keep the foster dog separate from other animals in the home
  • Socialization and cuddle time to help teach dogs positive family and pet relationships
  • Lots of exercise and positive stimulation to help them develop into great dogs
  • Documentation that your resident dogs are spayed/neutered and currently vaccinated against DA2PP, Bordetella, and Rabies

(One other quick note: your husband must be OK with you fostering. We don't want to be responsible for your divorce.)

Does fostering cost me anything?

MCR provides all supplies and covers vet expenses. Fostering just costs you a bit of time, a little effort, and a lot of love.

Can I foster if I have dogs/cats/kids?

Yes, you sure can. We will help you to select a foster dog who would do well in your home, and we'll provide training and support for slow introductions and safe handling.

Do you have a foster-to-adopt program?

No, not at this time. While foster fails are always an option, of course, right now we're really looking to grow our base of regular foster parents. We are looking for temporary homes for dogs in need.

Can I foster if I don't have a fenced yard?

Yes. You'll just need to make sure the dog gets enough exercise and plenty of potty breaks.

Can I foster if I work full-time?

Yes, but you'll need to take home a dog who is OK with being left home while you're at work. Don't worry -- we'll help you determine which dog can go home with you.

Do I get to choose which dog to take home?

Yes, with our help. We send out foster requests via email detailing everything we know about the dogs in need. We'll help you decide who might be a good fit.

Foster Application

Ready to start? Click here to access our online foster application.

Once you're approved to join our team as a foster parent, you will receive a Foster Care Manual that provides additional information about caring for your foster dog. We'll review that document with you during a brief, in-person training session where we can chat more about our foster program and answer any questions you may have before you take home your first dog. 

More questions? Feel free to direct your inquiries to