Supporting Your Pets Behavior: Keeping Dogs in Their Homes

Why should we seek professional consultations?

Recent data released by Shelter Animals Count reveals an urgent need for community support in animal shelters across the country. The increasing number of dogs entering shelters, surpassing those leaving, has led to a distressing rise in dog euthanasia rates. Euthanasia has nearly doubled since 2021 and four percent more animals entered rather than left shelters (Sac, 2023). In light of this alarming trend, it is more important than ever to address behavioral issues in our pets and prevent unnecessary surrenders. At Meridian Canine Rescue, we will explore the significance of working with your current pets if they exhibit behavioral issues and provide actionable steps for pet owners to seek help and support, ensuring their dogs remain in their homes.

Understanding the Importance of Behavior Consultations:

  1. If your dog is displaying behavioral issues that are causing concern or disrupting the harmony within your home, it is essential to seek professional guidance. We offer behavior consultations to help you address these issues effectively. By connecting with one of our expert behavioral specialists, you can gain valuable insights into your dog’s behavior and receive personalized recommendations to improve their well-being.

Engaging in Community Classes:

  1. To further support dog owners in dealing with behavioral challenges, we organize low-cost community classes. These classes, which you can find here, provide a valuable opportunity for pet owners to learn effective training techniques, socialization strategies, and methods for managing common behavioral issues. Through attending these classes you can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to foster a healthy relationship with your furry companion.

Reactivity Class 101: A Solution for Behavioral Challenges:

  1. Another way to foster a new relationship with your pet is by attending our Reactivity Class 101 where we explain the reasoning behind your dog’s behavior. Designed to address leash-reactivity and other related concerns, this class provides a structured environment for dogs and their owners to learn and grow together. To learn more visit our website or contact us [].

The newly released data from Shelter Animals Count emphasizes the critical need for community support in animal shelters as dog euthanasia rates continue to rise due to an influx of dogs entering shelters. By addressing behavioral issues in our pets and keeping them in their homes, we can help alleviate the strain on shelters and prevent unnecessary surrenders. Through behavior consultations, community classes, and specialized programs like Reactivity Class 101, pet owners can actively participate in the well-being of their favorite friends. Together, we can make a positive difference and keep dogs in their loving homes where they truly belong.

Remember, if your dog is exhibiting behavioral issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [] or explore the resources available on our website. Let’s work together to provide the best possible care for our furry companions and create a community that prioritizes their well-being.

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