Resident Dogs


Sometimes, dogs need a little extra help before they can find their forever families. Here at MCR, we offer housing, medical, and behavioral support to our dogs for as long as they need it.

Please consider sponsoring the ongoing care of our current residents. Some of these dogs are already available for adoption — but are having a hard time finding the right home — and some are not quite ready to leave MCR yet.



Kip lives at MCR as our current Office Dog. His behavioral modification plan is focused on minimizing his reactivity toward other animals and cars and increasing his number of human friends.


This big guy absolutely loves his humans. He might actually love them too much. A generalized resource guarder, Levi needs behavior management and is not available for adoption.


Our longest resident, Gracie is currently unavailable for adoption. She lives with foster parents who support her medical (canine megaesophagus) and behavioral needs.


Our “toddlers” are available for adoption. Ricky is an easily excited, high energy pup, and Butterbean is a fearful dog who’s gaining confidence. Each pup has an individualized training plan.


More cat than dog, Jango likes his routine, his space, his food, and his toys. He also likes his chosen human friends. Jango’s behavior plan addresses his issues with touch, resource guarding, and handling.


Coco’s social circle was very small before he arrived, and he has trouble adjusting to a world full of strangers, cars, and animals. We are working on a behavior plan to address is fear and aggression. Coco is not available for adoption.


Nervous around strangers and anxious in new settings, Zoe’s behavioral training is focused on helping her to feel calm and confident. She’s come a long way since she arrived, and we are so proud of her. Zoe is now ready for adoption.

Where your money goes


Donations are used to offset the general costs associated with our facility and our Dog Care and Foster Programs.


Dogs receive routine wellness exams, spays, neuters, vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick treatments, and any specialty care recommended by our veterinarians.


Our Behavior & Training Program provides mental and emotional care for our dogs. We offer positive reinforcement training, customized management systems, and individual b-mod plans.