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Looking to add a wiggle butt to your life? How about a spotted wiggle butt? Polka dots are in style, you know.

I’m Thor and I’m about a year old, and will wiggle my gorgeous body straight into your arms when I meet you. I’m affectionate, smart and even know some basic commands like sit and stay. Pretty cool, right? I’m a strong young man but know how to walk well on a leash and I’m very good about checking in with my person. I take treats super gently and I loooove to give kisses!

I was adopted from the rescue as a wee pup and did great in my new home with my new canine sibling and humans for a while. Somewhere along the way though, I decided that I would like to be my person’s one and only pet, so I think I would be happiest and do best as your only doggie. For this same reason, I don’t think I’d do well with cats either. I am protective of my food and treats and, let’s face it, of my people. I like older kiddos, but because of my ‘resource guarding’ little kids are a no go for me.

Smart puppers like me need consistency and lots of positive reinforcement. Routines, training, tasks and other assorted things to keep my mind engaged and focused on positive behaviors are a great thing for we speckled guys.

My old owners say I’m housebroken and crate trained. That I’m super affectionate, calm and loving when it was just me and them. I acted up when their other dog was around or when we went to dog parks. I guess I’m just a loner when it comes to running with a pack. I like me, I like my people. Simple, right?

Could you be my new person? I sure hope so. I want to go home ……… xoxoxoxo