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My name is Squirrel (yes, you read that correctly). I’m just a year old, but my story is long. Apparently, my siblings and I were seized as part of an abuse and neglect case last year. We were just puppies.
No one is sure if we were being groomed to fight or used as bait dogs, but charges were brought against our owner. What should have taken just weeks ended up taking months and months and months. Sure, everyone at the shelter was very nice and sweet to us, but can you imagine sitting in a cage for ten whole months not understanding what is going on and not knowing what your future holds?
Long story short, my brother Mouse and I are now in Idaho. There’s more to my story, but let’s skip ahead to the good stuff.
My personality and temperament could have gone so very differently given my past, but guess what? I’m a love bug! No, really! I’m super strong and stern looking, but I’m kind of a mush ball. I also love my toys. All the toys! If you don’t have time to throw one for me, not to worry, I’ll toss them in the air myself! I’m a giver that way.
I’ll need a bit of help learning proper leash manners, but the nice volunteers here have discovered that by using the proper harness, I am better behaved (just ask: they’ll show you which one works best). I really do want to please. I check in with my people often and just need to learn what is expected of me.
Can you believe how awesome I turned out coming from the background I did? I’m a super good boy and I’m not going to let my past interfere with me finding a family. A forever family who will show me all the love, kindness and respect that I deserve. In return, I will LOVE you forever!
Come meet me!!