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Update: Spunky has been returned to MCR because he wasn’t a good fit for his adoptive family. They report that he became overwhelmed and amped up when their kids had friends over. He was great with the kids in the family, but he would bark and jump and lunge when everyone was playing. And he did bite the arm of one of the kid’s friends, though it was a very minor bite (no broken skin, etc). The family also reports that he needs a refresher course on housetraining and that he did great meeting another small dog — until she tried to play with his toy. Spunky did not like that at all, so we’ve learned that he will guard his resources. But he did well with the cats. We now recommend a home with older children, with people who either don’t have other dogs or who know how to manage resource guarding behaviors, and with someone who can take the time to remind Spunky that bathroom breaks happen outside.

Here’s Spunky’s previous bio:

Here’s Spunky! Like Isabella, Spunky here arrived from Phoenix, Arizona feeling a little overwhelmed. But when his true personality emerged, we were completely dazzled. This guy is a pro at going for walks and playing tug-of-war. He loves belly rubs, appreciates toys and treats, and is generally just happy to go about his day.

Spunky is about 7 years old and ready for a fresh start here in Idaho. Here’s what we learned from his previous rescue:

“HISTORY: Spunky’s owner died and the person who wanted to take care of him found him to be underfoot too much and she was afraid she would trip over him so they gave him up at the pound.

PERSONALITY: Spunky is definitely, spunky. He is a happy go lucky guy who loves everyone. He is smart, curious and likes to keep busy. He gets along with other dogs and is playful. However, sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop and other dogs get annoyed. Also, he likes to follow you around the house — CONSTANTLY. He enjoys chew toys and all treats.

TRAINING: Spunky is housebroken, loves to go on walks and loves to cuddle next to you on the couch. He knows how to sit. He is highly food motivated, so training him should be easy. **Although he is housebroken, if you don’t open the door quickly enough, he will pee on the floor.

THINGS TO WORK ON: Spunky is not food aggressive but he tries to steal other dogs’ treats and food. He is leash reactive and is prey driven. He likes to be the center of attention.

He is scared of going into the car, but once placed inside he sits quietly in the back seat. Make sure you PUT him in the car, otherwise he will crawl under the car and you will have a hard time getting him out. Although he loves going for walks, he doesn’t equate walking with peeing or pooping. So, after you walk him, he will need to go out to the yard and do this business.”