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Meet the spunkiest little dog in the whole wide world. This 7 year old boy LOVES to go for walks, and he is all business when it comes to his favorite past-time. Spunky’s little legs just keep on going and going, so he would make an excellent walking buddy for an active adult.

Spunky thrives on routine. He loves it. Change? No. Change is bad. Routine is good. Routine is the way to Spunky’s heart. He likes to travel predictable routes. He likes to go right, not left, when he exits his kennel. He is a very structured, scheduled little man, so he’s looking for a human who shares his fondness for consistency.

Spunky doesn’t mind cats one little bit — he briefly lived in a home with a cat and behaved like a perfect gentleman. He’s been around other dogs, and he’s content to give them their space as long as they respect his. Spunky would prefer to be in charge of all the resources, toys and food, so sharing is not really his strong suit.

We’re looking for an active, mature couple with some time and patience for good ol’ Spunk. He has met children before, and while he gets along with kids he knows, he’s just not a fan of the loud noise and sudden movements. Spunky would prefer a quiet, calm home where he’s given plenty of time to adjust to another change in life circumstances and where his days unfold in a predictable order. He loves, loves, loves toys — about as much as he loves walks — so he would happily keep his new family entertained with his playful antics.

One other thing: Spunky is super duper smart. We know that toys and walks are two of his most favorite things ever, but food is a close third. He would love to learn some new tricks with his new family, and he’ll do just about anything for a yummy treat.

(Note: Spunky’s original guardian died. He was given to a woman who ultimately surrendered him to a county pound in Arizona. Spunky was then rescued, went to foster, and traveled to Idaho. He’s been adopted and returned from MCR twice. Please see a staff member for more details about Spunky’s history.)