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Hello Idaho!  Nice to be here.  I packed my bags and moved from California here (I heard it was the thing to do) and am excited about what the future holds for me.  I’m a sweet, sweet girl who didn’t have the best past.

I was used as a breeder mom, so have had a few puppies in my day.  I’m all ‘fixed’ now, so no more puppies for me. It’s MY turn to find a family!  Because of my past, I’m kinda nervous around new people. I find them a bit scary.  The nice folks here are helping me to feel more comfortable, but sudden movements and loud noises scare me.  I’m very good at ‘checking in’ on my walks, am curious and well mannered. I just know that the right family that knows to move slowly, be gentle and show me all the good the world has to offer will bring out my inner love muffin.

I think I would be okay with older, dog savvy kids who know to be slow and gentle with me, but I’m not positive.  I don’t remember ever being around cats, so not sure how I’d do with them. I just really really want to make you happy.  It will just take me a little time to know that you’ll be good to me.