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Update: Roxy is temporarily unavailable for adoption.

The best place to scratch Roxy is on the back of his neck. He will tuck his little head right into you and beg for neck massages. Ear rubs aren’t bad, either, and a gentle caress along his head is always appreciated — but it’s the neck that gets him every time. He’s a sucker for it.

Roxy is a little shy but very affectionate once he gets to know you. A quiet pup, this boy would do well in a calm home where he can spend his days lounging around. He’s a couch potato all the way.

Since arriving at MCR from California, Roxy has met adult humans and other small dogs. We’ve yet to introduce him to kids, and we’re not sure what he thinks about cats. With dogs his size, he’s curious — barely. So far, Roxy has preferred to do his own thing and doesn’t seem all that interested in making friends with other pups. He may like to be the only dog in your life.

Roxy was surrendered to the CA shelter, but we don’t know why. He’s about 7 years old, neutered and fully vetted, and ready to lose a few pounds. Will you take this lovable couch potato home with you? And rub his neck whenever he wants?