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NOTE: Roko is available by appointment only. Please call MCR at 208-794-0944 to schedule a meet-and-greet.
This guy. We have a special place in our hearts for rowdy, kind of obnoxious (but entirely lovable!) big boys. And Roko is definitely one of those guys.
Roko is the local reigning canine WWE Champion. He excels at playtime and absolutely adores his dog friends — provided they’re equally athletic and ready to rumble. Roko tries very hard to play with smaller dogs, but since he’s in a higher weight category, his ideal wrestling partners are more his size. Anyone have a dog who’d like to challenge him for the title? Roko’s always ready for another round.
In addition to brawn, Roko also has brains. He’s super smart. Crazy smart. Almost, well … too smart? Roko knows what you want him to do — oh, he knows — but sometimes he chooses not to do it. This boy can think for himself, ladies and gents, and if you decide playtime is over, he may decide that, for him, it actually isn’t over. Although his selective hearing can be a little frustrating (and, honestly, pretty darn funny), Roko absolutely will listen to you if you’re consistent. He’ll push boundaries, sure, but he’s extremely responsive to training and would thrive with an experienced handler. Roko must keep his brain engaged in order to be a happy camper, so we’re looking for someone to match wits, butt heads, and challenge this crazy guy to always be at the top of his game.
2 year old Roko has mastered several cues, is house-trained and crate-trained, is social and friendly towards new people, and can walk well on leash or jog alongside a scooter. We should warn you that while he thinks tumbleweeds are pretty cool, the occasional stray leaf blowing across the sidewalk has been known to freak him out (sorry, Roko — it had to be said). Most days, though, Roko is as confident as they come. He will vocally introduce himself to everyone and make a grand entrance in new environments. Really, the only thing working against Roko is that he’s a serious resource guard (food is his #1 Most. Favorite. Thing. Ever.) and will need to go home with adults who can manage that behavioral issue.
So. Who’s looking for a guy like Roko: a canine companion to keep you on your toes, be your best guy friend, and provide daily entertainment? We promise there will never be a dull moment with Roko by your side.