Adoptable DogsCanine Comrade


Whew! That was quite the car ride all the way from Georgia! I’m Richmond and I’m here to find my Idaho family. Somehow I ended up as a stray doggie in Georgia, so yummy peaches or no, I hopped a ride outta there! Rumor has it that Idaho has the BEST doggie peeps, so I’m here to find mine!

If I could make my perfect wish list for a new home it would include snuggles and runs and walks and a warm bed and adventures and LOVE! Lots of love. I’m just 3 years old, so am ready willing and able to join my new people on any and all adventures. Just to show you that I’m willing to do my part, I have great leash manners. I know! SO nice of me!

Everyone here loves me and tells me I’m a super good boy! I’m friendly and outgoing and willing to trust you almost immediately! I think it would be fun to have a canine sibling, but I haven’t met cats or kiddos. I’m pretty sure that little people are just as awesome as big ones though! They usually drop more food too! Hee hee.

I’m a really smart boy so it will be great to be given a routine and things to keep me occupied. Toys, puzzles and lots of good exercise. Smart puppers like me love to have ‘jobs’ and we thrive with consistency and keeping our minds engaged. There’s talk around the rescue that I ‘may’ know how to open those doors with the long handle that you push down on, but I say I’m just being a gentleman and trying to open the door for the ladies.

I’m so very excited to see what the future holds for me in Idaho. Everyone here loves me to bits and I know you will too! Please come meet me!