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Hiya Everyone! I’m Milo! Nice to meet you! It’s been a long trip from California to Idaho, but I love it already. I hear the best dog parents EVER live here. I just need to find mine!

The folks here tell me that I’m one cool little dude. I’m not positive how I’d do with other dogs or those cat type creatures, but we could always try and see, right? I’m still trying to figure it all out here. This is a weird place. Everyone is very very nice and sweet to me, but it just doesn’t feel like my home. I know my perfect people are out there looking for a pup like me. I hope they find me!

I’m 5 years old so past my puppy stage. I’ve heard it said that 3-5 is kinda the ‘sweet spot’ for dogs. Who knows if that is true or not, but I’m going with YES! I can be a little bit shy and nervous to begin with, but if you give me a minute to warm up and are sweet, gentle and patient with me, I bet I’ll surprise you by just how sweet I am.

Come in and ask to meet me, I’ll show you!!