This adorable gal with stunning ears is Mia! She’s affectionately referred to as Mia Mooger Tooger by her current foster mom, Hannah. She may not be a lap dog, but she sure is a character that we have all fallen for.

At 5 years old there isn’t a lot that we know of this little lady’s origins. She was transferred from Arizona, where she was a stray. Due to her skittish nature, Mia needs patience and slow interactions. The world is scary and huge! Once described as a flight risk Mia is thriving in her current foster. She’s befriended a catahoula and has discovered cats! Yup a big dog is now her best friend. They adventure together; she’s a good walker but isn’t a huge fan of the cold. The car, however, is the best place next to snuggling in bed — blankets rock!

Mia is very social once she’s comfortable in her environment. Being exposed to small children, cats, and other dogs has helped build her confidence. Although, she does enjoy alone time. Unfortunately, her previous humans have not been the best, but she has a kindness to her and is willing to reward your affections with her trust.

Hannah says Mia is very receptive to small treats and kibble — and she will even dance for them, which is beyond cute. She enjoys the outside and will let you know when she needs to go potty. Currently working on stay commands.

Do you think you could have the right forever home for Mia? She’s seeking her people. Due to her level of fear, we believe she’d best thrive in a home without very small children. She needs patience and love.

Please call 208-794-0944 or email us at adopt@meridianrescue.org to set up a meet-and-greet with her.