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He’s absolutely perfect in every possible way. Full of energy, affectionate and cuddly, smart and eager to please, playful and fun, outgoing and sweet, completely and utterly himself — the list goes on and on with this pup. Meeko is an absolute dream come true, and he’s ready to meet you.

Let’s list more positives: house-trained, crate-trained, dog friendly, cat friendly, kid friendly, stranger friendly, good in cars, OK to be left alone, no destructive habits… shall we go on? Meeko is the most incredible 4 month old puppy in the whole wide world, and his foster family loves him to bits.

He does have piranha teeth, so that should be noted. And he may have a teensy tiny attitude about certain things. He’s very food-driven, so mealtime is no joking matter for him. That bowl better be ready for him to devour asap, or he’ll definitely lose his patience. He has the routine down pat, so the second you reach for his food, it’s game on. He may vocally encourage you to move faster. But we get it. We often get hangry, too.

Meeko loves to tease and play with the cats in his foster home. He thinks the bird and chinchilla are downright fascinating. The kids are pretty cool, too. He has unique relationships with each of the dogs. With some, he’s all rough and tumble; with others, he’s quiet and easygoing. This boy excels at playing appropriately with other dogs, and he has fantastic social skills when it comes to reading their signs.

He loves to play tug-of-war with rope toys, he loves to help his foster dad garden, he loves water, and he absolutely loves to chew on Benebones and antlers. A quintessential puppy, Meeko will blossom into the perfect canine companion in the right environment. He’s just that special.

If you’re interested in meeting Meeko at MCR, please call us at 208-794-0944. We can discuss his medical condition — Meeko has been diagnosed with canine megaesophagus and will need continued management — and can chat with you about his special needs. Meeko’s ME is just one small part of who he is, and the rest is simply wonderful. You have to meet him.