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OK, who loves outdoor activities? Anyone? Anyone? Because Max here would most definitely like to join you. He’s ready for adventures all day, every day.

Max thinks kennels are for sissies. He would much rather be running and playing and exploring and sniffing and wrestling — basically anything that works his mind and body is good with Max. This 2 year old fella is super affectionate (in an in-your-face kind of way), and he wants to be included in whatever fun things you’re doing.

Max was originally surrendered to a shelter in Utah, then transferred to us. His first family reports that he’s good with dogs, good with kids, and housebroken. He does have a problem with coming on too strong with other dogs, so he will need large dog friends who enjoy his rough and tumble style of playing and who don’t mind the way he introduces himself (boisterously and straight on). We’ve seen videos of Max wrestling with other dogs, and we know that he’d love to have the right companion who will help him burn off that extra energy. He’s probably not a good candidate for the dog park, but we’d be happy to introduce him to the other pup in your home. Due to a reported history of resource guarding, we recommend separating Max when food and toys are around. He plays ball with us just fine, but he might not like to share everything with everyone.

His first family used to keep him outside when no one was at home, and he learned to escape to go searching for the next adventure. Max will need supervision and may need to work on some crate training in the home. We were told that he was housetrained previously. We were also told that he had lived with kids of all ages but that he’d never been around cats.

Max was adopted from MCR in the spring and recently made his way back to us. He had been in the care of a family with kids ages 12 and 13. The family reports that he’s very affectionate, loyal, loving, and protective with the people he knows. Max is nervous around anyone new (human or dog), and he shows his fear and anxiety by barking and warning the newcomer off. We’ll need to make sure that whoever takes Max home understands dog body language and is willing to help him through his stranger danger issues. The family reported that he was protective of his people when strangers entered his home and yard.

His second family also indicated that Max loves toys — a lot. He’s a power chewer, so he’ll need something strong to keep him occupied. Max loves to play basketball or soccer with his family. He loves to cuddle and watch TV. He’s now used to sleeping on the couch or bed and roaming free in the house when his family leaves for short periods. Oh, and he loves, loves, loves car rides.

Max is a bright, goofy, and incredibly fun guy. He has a larger-than-life personality, and we’re completely smitten with him. If you’re looking for a happy pup, with a sensitive side, then Max is your man.