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Introducing Kaylie! This sweetheart was adopted and returned after the resident dog had a hard time adjusting to the change. Kaylie did nothing wrong, and she’s really hoping that her second adoption will last forever. Here’s a little more info on this 7 year old, courtesy of her foster mom, Sam:
Kaylie arrived at our rescue from Arizona with one of our rescue partners. Backstory is she had a home for several years but then they had a baby. When the child was 2, she wanted to play with Kaylie, but Kaylie was afraid and hid. Kaylie never snapped or bit the child though! Kaylie was relinquished to the local animal shelter.
When Kaylie was taken from the transport van, she was put into my arms, and the poor girl was terrified! She has been in our foster care since, and she has made a lot of progress. She has gained a lot of confidence with the help of our 2 dogs (1 small, 1 large). She has learned voice fluctuation and sudden movements are not necessarily bad. She is an extremely smart dog and understands a lot of commands or motions, and after 3 weeks, she came to me with a toy in her mouth and lo and behold she plays fetch and will even bring it back!
She is a great girl and deserves a home that will continue showing her people can be kind and never hurt her. She is a total love bug, especially on the couch or in bed. I don’t think small children would be good due to her other experience, but older children I think would be ok. We have not tried to walk her on a leash as in going for a walk, but when she has accompanied me outside of the house she is very leery; however, I think she is starting to like riding in the car.
She will make someone a great companion, and she would probably love a playmate to run with! Call the rescue at 208-794-0944 to give your name and phone number, and I will call you back. We can discuss her further and maybe have a meet and greet. You won’t be disappointed.