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Hiya!  I’m Gracie and I’m kind of a big deal around here.  No, really, I am!  I have my own Instagram account (@withstylengracie) and have tons of friends here at the rescue.  You know how they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?  That’s the way to my heart too.  I looooove food!  Ergo, I looooove the people who feed me!  I take a minute to warm up to new people, but as soon as you feed me, I’m all yours.

I’m a super sweet girl that has a few quirks.  I’m not a fan of other doggies.  I want to be your one and only.  I’m also not a fan of kitties (ewww, kitties).  I would love an adult only home.  Although I’m okay with kids, I tend to do better with adults.  I am a fan of food.  Oh wait, did I mention that?

I have a very restricted diet and eat in a very special chair made just for me that will come with me to my new home.  For all you moms out there who miss the toddler years of bonding with your kids during meal times, here’s your chance!  I have something called Mega Esophagus (ME) and although it’s a big scary term, it’s not so big and scary.  What it basically means is that I need to sit up in my special chair when I eat and then need to stay in this upright position for 25 minutes after eating so I can digest my food properly.  Although it’s not hard to do, it’s super important or else I can get very sick.  This is everyone’s favorite time with me.  I love to cuddle and get dry baths, be sung to, be loved on and to love you in return during this time sitting upright in my chair.  I’m super good about putting myself in my chair for meal time and am also a-okay hanging out for 25 minutes afterwards.  I find it’s when my friends and I have our best bonding time.

I eat a special sort of food (a slurry of wet food and water that’s easy to make) and, since I am unable to drink water like most doggies, there are lots of little treats and tricks to get me to stay hydrated.  The nice folks here at the rescue can provide you with a bazillion recipes, links and information on ME and the special procedures that it takes.  I have some weight to gain so I get fed 3 times a day.  The best part is, these 3 times don’t need to be ‘traditional’ meal times.  One can be breakfast, the second can be dinner when you get home from work and the 3rd can be right before bed time.  How awesome is that?!

So, in addition to food I love playing with balls and watching television and movies and snuggling on the couch. I especially love car rides and listening to music!  Although I love the people at the rescue, I don’t actually love being here.  It’s kinda noisy and makes me very nervous.  I would love to find some peace and quiet of my very own where I can rest, relax, play and be loved.

I’m not gonna lie; my special person will need to be willing and able to spend some extra time with me.  Will need to be diligent about my eating.  Will need to understand that although I will require a bit more effort, that I will repay your kindness a million times over!  Just because I’m different from most doggies doesn’t mean I don’t deserve an amazing home too.

Please come in and ask about me.  Everyone here is super knowledgeable when it comes to ME and can share with you how very easy it can be to deal with.  Also note that when you mention my name, they will get a special little glint in their eye.  That’s how awesome I am.  I just need to find my person who is as awesome as I am.  Could it be you?