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Hello Friends,

My name is Ginger and I am an eight year old..…’special kinda gal’. I came to MCR after losing my family, I was taken in by a friend of my family’s at first, but I just didn’t do well with the other dog in the home. I was really confused and not doing well in the shelter environment so I had a VERY patient person come to my aid and become my foster mom.

You see, I am pretty particular about people. I have been through a whole lot in my life and I am not the kind of gal that is going to trust a person straight away, I will need some time and a whole lot of patience before I will show you my true self, but you can talk to my foster mom more about that. I know my forever human is out there, we just haven’t found each other yet.

I am not one of those ‘needy’ kind of pups, I won’t beg you for attention all the time, but what I will do is be with you, a companion of sorts. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being with my person, I definitely don’t want to be left alone all the time, but I understand space, just like I like to have my space, I would return the favor and give my forever human space too. I would love to go on walks with my new person and I most certainly approve of some of those wonderful belly rubs that my foster mom has taught me are SO GREAT!

Do you think you might be the right person for me? We may have to meet a couple of times to be sure, but I would love to be given the opportunity to find a forever human to call my very own.

If you would like to meet Ginger please contact us at 208-794-0944 to schedule a meet-and-greet.