Comet is an 11 month old young dog who sees everyone as a potentially new best friend and wants to hang out with his people whenever possible. He’ll happily hop in the car and loves to go for long hikes, and he particularly has fun if it includes jumping up on boulders, tree trunks, stacks of tires and what other obstacles you may encounter. You would think he would be highly energetic but he actually calms well and enjoys chilling on a dog bed near you during down time. And while he can be a little squirrelly when you put the leash on him he is pretty easy to walk.

Friendly, playful, outgoing, and affectionate, Comet is pretty much the total package. He is wicket smart and picks up new cues easily and learns very fast when taught with positive reinforcement. That cleverness sometimes gets him into trouble like when he opens doors and crates so he can go on adventure. He definitely needs daily mental stimulation to avoid getting bored; various food puzzles are great in this regard as are scent games you can do at home and in the yard. He can be a real clown and make everybody laugh, especially when toys are involved.

Comet loves other dogs and wants to play with them. Mostly he does well with them though if he gets over-excited he can get a little rough and his prey-drive can kick in so make sure his play mates are okay with his play style. The same goes for children and since he doesn’t understand that kids can’t be treated like his dog buddies he could accidentally hurt them. Thus we have set a limit and require that kids in the home are at least 14 years old.

Comet acts like he has claustrophobia and does not do well in a small crate. We believe that letting him stay in a large room (or a really big crate if free-range doesn’t work for you) while giving him appropriate chew toys and activities and playing calming music when leaving him home alone will work best.

A fairly active family that enjoys outdoor activities would be ideal for Comet. He will need at home with a safely fenced back yard that he can go out in though he needs to live in the house with his family. An easy-going but playful canine companion would be beneficial.

Take a chance on Comet. He might need a little extra help from you, but he’s well worth the time you spend caring for him. Comet has an endless supply of love just waiting for his forever family.