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Comet is an 11 month old pup who wants nothing more than to hang by your side all day long. He’ll happily hop in the car, gladly go for a hike, and quietly rest on his bed (next to your bed, of course) because he’s most content with his human nearby.

Dog-friendly, smart, playful, outgoing, and affectionate, Comet is pretty much the total package. He picks up new cues easily. He’s learning how to nicely meet new dog friends. His leash manners have come such a long way, and his mouthy puppy behaviors are fading into the background as he learns how to play appropriately with humans. This pup is not even a year old yet, and already we see so much potential for him to continue positive reinforcement training.

An active family with time to spare and a flexible work schedule would be ideal for Comet. He was recently adopted from and returned to MCR, and in that process, we learned that Comet has separation anxiety. He is very, very smart, and he has a hard time staying in a crate and remaining calm when his family is not with him — so he takes it upon himself to go find them. Comet has already taught himself how to open doors (!), but he’ll need humans to teach him how to be alone.

A secure home, probably with another dog friend, will be ideal for this loverpup. Take a chance on Comet. He might need a little extra help from you, but he’s well worth the time you spend caring for him. Comet has an endless supply of love just waiting for his forever family.