Boots, affectionately known as BootaLoots, is a very handsome 2 year old bundle of floooof. He hasn’t seen much of the world, so many situations overwhelm him. He is very nervous and slow to warm up to new people. This is especially the case with men; however, he’s making great strides in exploring his new surroundings. Patience and slow interactions are a must.

Despite his timid nature, Boots is very playful at times. He really enjoys zooming around the house, playing chase, and occasionally fetching small soft toys. Some of his go-to activities include lounging around on the couch and binge watching TV. The outside and loud noises startle him rather quickly, so short excursions are more his speed.

He has many adorable quirks: peeking on you in the shower, nuzzling your face for pets in bed, diving off the back of the sofa to investigate the vacuum, and so on. Food isn’t really a motivator, but he does like coconut cream cheese. He’ll take his bowl or Kong to the sofa, lick it all up, and then kick it away. He likes to collect clothing and small soft toys. And he hoards his treats, trying to bury them under blankets.

Boots is fully content living a hermit lifestyle. He does like to have a comfortable space of his own for when he feels too stressed or scared. This could be interpreted as him being aloof; however, he doesn’t like to be alone. Comfortable in smaller spaces, Boots is sure to find some of the best hiding spots in your home and has been dubbed the hide and seek champion.

Due to being nervous and adjusting to a new environment, Boots was unsure of the rules of his new domain when he first entered MCR’s foster program. But he soon got acquainted and understood where the potty area was. Routine has been really important in strengthening his understanding of social etiquette.

We are going very slow with Boots, so he has only been introduced to one dog: playful Foxy. He didn’t show too much interest; however, he has previously lived with several dogs so would most likely do well with a similar sized pupanion. As for children: Boots is incredibly cautious around them. We believe that older young people who would understand his need for personal space would be a better fit.

Boots is a furry bundle of love, and once he warms up to you, he can only be described as your shadow. He will follow you around, and as soon as you leave, he will be anxiously awaiting your return. He did not do well in the kennel at first, but his current foster believes that was because he was still stressed from his new environment and wanted attention. Now, he does just fine in the kennel when he isn’t able to go along for the ride.

Boots is a young fluff that most likely has had a rough first 2 years of his life and is awaiting someone just as full of love as he is. If you have the patience and time to give him everything he deserves then please come and meet this cautious, loving, couch potato. He is a very gentle soul.

Call MCR at 208-794-0944 if you’d like to schedule a meet-and-greet with Boots.