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If you want to support the dogs in our care and help us support families learning the training and skills they need to love and keep their pets, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how our MCR Circle of Friends helps us save lives.

Covers one training session for one adoptable dog at the shelter

Covers sensory and environmental enrichment for one dog for a week

Covers two hours of personalized behavior support for a family and adopted dog

Covers housing a basic expenses for one resident dog

Or you decide what to give! We understand everybody has a budget and we are happy to receive any support from you!

We decided to combine our sponsors with our resident dog sponsorship to make a simple way to be a monthly donor: Welcome to MCR Circle of Friends!

You are the foundation of MCR. Your consistent support help us on:

  • Count on regular, reliable donations income, making it easier to budget and plan.
  • Less admin work helping donors make one-time gifts – the donation will be made automatically.
  • No need to send reminder emails to donors (saving several staff hours!)
  • Increase our donor engagement as you feel invested in MCR’s work and you are our advocates in the treasure valley community.
  • Reduce waste/costs associated with paper donations forms, stamps, envelopes and checks. 

MCR Circle of Friends members also has several donor benefits as:

  • Know that more of your money goes to helping our mission, since there are fewer admin costs to cover.
  • Easier navigation on our website
  • Avoid the hassle of re-entering your details every time you make a new payment.
  • Contribute to the longevity of the organization by giving your regular support.
  • Give in a sustainable way, with donations that are manageable for our budget.
  • You will save lives 365 days a year. Your donation will cover but not limited to routine veterinary care, special medical services, behavioral training and supplies.
  • See a long-term impact in the projects you donate to. You can specify if your donation goes to a particular dog in our care.
  • Become part of a community of regular donors.

You are a MCR Circle of Friends now!

As a member of MCR, we want to keep you involved and engaged with our programs, animals and projects through the year.

In addition of all the benefits mentioned above, you will receive these perks for being a member of MCR Circle of Friends!

  • Be part of a private FB group

  • Receive special monthly newsletters

  • Holiday Card

  • Welcome gift (starts at $10/month)

  • Upgrade level gift

  • Special hang out events (starts at $50/month)

  • Public recognition 


*We are working on having more perks on 2022

MCR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 71-1037616.

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