Love is in the Air – Through Their Eyes 2020

It’s that time of year again! And love is definitely in the air here at Meridian Canine Rescue. 

Ohhhhh… Valentine’s Day. 

Some people spend their day with their significant other, and others spend it being annoyingly reminded that they are still alone. 

But then there are people, our own volunteers, who are spending their Valentine’s Day loving the dogs that need it the most. Reminding us all that the power of love is stronger than a box of chocolates or a dozen red roses. 

One of the things that makes Through Their Eyes such a special event is the humans’ experience. Living in the kennels with a dog for a full 24 hours. Eating when the dogs eat. Playing when the dogs play. And yes, going to the bathroom when the dogs go to the bathroom. 

Not only do volunteers learn more about the dogs’ experiences here at MCR, but the event also helps shine a light on some of the dogs that may have still be looking for their forever families.

We want to find our dogs the perfect homes. And sometimes that takes longer than expected. But our job is to love them through the process. And to remind them that they are not walking alone. 

So I ask you to consider donating to this special event. Your generosity allows us to continue providing the love and care for these dogs while they are on their journey to finding their forever homes.

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