Lady Ruby’s Memorial Day Adventure

Lady Ruby's Memorial Day Adventure - Downtown Boise

Hello everyone!  Sorry it has been a while since my last post.  The rain these past few weeks has been putting a damper on my adventurous style.  But fear not, the latest chapter of my adventures chronicles is finally here! I know, you can barely contain your excitement.  

This past Monday my humans and I decided to explore Downtown Boise.  What better way to spend Memorial Day than by walking around our beautiful Capital City.  After finding out we were not planning any river floating related activities, my trusted sidekick Duck decided to stay home and take a nap.

We started our day with a nice walk on the Greenbelt.  So much fun to watch all the people walking, running and riding bikes.  We even checked out the river – a bit too cold and fast for my taste – not ready for float season yet!  

After the river, we stopped by the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, a beautiful and calm place.  The perfect spot to enjoy a quiet moment of reflection. Check out the story of this beautiful place at

After the memorial, we headed downtown to check out the scene at the Grove Plaza and Boise Centre.  No need to tell you we found the perfect spot to watch loads of people having fun and enjoying their day.  

From the Grove Plaza we headed out to check out J.U.M.P. (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place.)  What an awesome place! I even got to walk by some of the vintage tractors. You need to check out this place.  Lots of great things to see and do. Check it out at

We finished our adventure at Payette Brewing – the perfect pup friendly spot to sit down and enjoy a nice cold bowl of…water!  Ok, I had water, my humans enjoyed something I was not permitted to taste! Maybe next visit 😀

Next time you are looking for ideas for places to visit, check out our beautiful Downtown Boise.  I promise you will love it!



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