Lady Ruby’s Greenbelt Day

Lady Ruby's Greenbelt Day


When the sun is shining and the snow starts to melt, all roads lead to our amazing Greenbelt and the Boise River.  

The City of Boise Parks and Recreations’ website describes the 25-mile Boise River Greenbelt as “one of Boise’s most beloved parks” – a tree-lined pathway that follows the river through the heart of the city providing scenic views, wildlife habitat and pedestrian access to many of the city’s popular riverside parks.  

While doing our research before our field trip, Duck and I learned that way back when in the 1960’s, our beautiful Greenbelt did not exist.  On the Parks and Recreation website, we found out that before the Greenbelt was built, the river and its banks served as a convenient dumping ground for trash, industrial waste and raw sewage and that the riverbank was severely degraded by years of neglect.  

How fortunate are we today that over 50 years ago – thanks to the local grassroots effort to clean up the river and create public access to the river corridor – the vision to create our beautiful Greenbelt was born.

So, check it out!  Grab your pupper and head out to the Greenbelt.  Duck and I believe it to be one of the most awesome places in the Treasure Valley to enjoy the outdoors and our beautiful Boise River.  

Let us know what you think! 💞🐥



P.S.  I was so excited frolicking in the river that I almost forgot Duck! 😱

For more information about our Greenbelt check out the City of Boise Parks and Recreation website.

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