Intro to Clicker Training

Positive reinforcement training works for dogs (and people!) by helping them learn what’s expected. Basically, we reinforce a behavior so that it’s more likely to occur again.

Dog training is so much easier when you have the right tools. Clickers help you to mark the behavior you want from your dog. And high value rewards (like yummy treats or a super fun toy) help you to reinforce that behavior.

In this video, MCR Director of Rescue Programs, Hillary Hayward, CPDT-KA, walks you through the basics of clicker training.

  • If you click, you treat. If you click but don’t treat, the power of the clicker goes away.
  • Click during behaviors. It’s important to mark the moment when the dog performs the desired behavior. It’s OK if it takes you a few seconds to treat afterward.
  • Start simple. Click and treat for easy, simple behaviors so that your dog understands that he can make choices and have some control over the resources.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for future blog posts in our Training 101 series, or check out this page for more information about our new online behavioral services.

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