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MCR accepts owner surrendered dogs, depending on available space and resources. Intakes are approved by staff and scheduled in advance (no drop-ins). If you would like us to consider taking custody of your dog, please complete the Intake Request form below.

If you are struggling to care for your dog and need support, please call 208-794-0944. Our staff can provide information and resources that may help you and your family to work through the issues you’re facing in the home. We would be happy to work with you so that you can retain custody of your dog, though we do understand that sometimes surrendering the dog is the best option for everyone involved.

Most fields are required in the Intake Request form, as we need full medical and temperament information in order to determine whether or not we can help your dog and your family. Please note that you will be asked to submit a copy of your dog’s medical records. You should have a single file ready to upload before you start filling out the form.

Once we receive your request, we will contact you via email to indicate if/when we can take custody of your dog. We receive many requests each week, so please allow at least 7 days for processing.

If your dog is approved for intake, please arrive on time for your surrender appointment. Our address is 501 E Scenery Ln, Ste 100 in Meridian.

Expect to spend 15-30 minutes working with our staff to finalize the surrender process. If you are able to help with your dog’s initial vetting costs, please plan on a $65 surrender fee ($30 if your dog is already spayed or neutered). That fee may be waived due to financial hardship. Please bring some of your dog’s current food, plus any treasured belongings, to help with his/her transition.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Phone: 208-794-0944  Email:

*If you are the representative of another organization and interested in transferring a dog to MCR, email

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, travel must take place within state lines. If you live outside of Idaho, please reach out to a shelter or rescue near you to find out if that organization can accept your dog. If not, fill out the form below.

Intake Request Form

August 2022 Update: MCR is currently full with a waiting list. We are unable to help with urgent surrender requests.

We will not have room for dogs with moderate to severe behavior issues for until the fall. Please only submit the intake request form if you are able and willing to wait and/or if you have a dog with few/minor behavior issues.

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    How does your dog respond when humans/animals approach or take food, toys, treats, or other valued resources?

    How does your dog generally respond to strangers? Consider the following scenarios: knocking on the door, entering the home, approaching your dog while outside of the home.

    Has your dog ever lived in a home with children?

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    How does your dog behave around cats that s/he knows?

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    How does your dog behave around dogs that s/he knows?

    What about unfamiliar dogs?

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    If your dog has worked with a professional trainer, please describe that experience.

    Please identify any commands or cues your dog knows.

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    Does your dog exhibit any of the following behaviors?

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