Available Foster Dogs

First time foster? It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1 - Complete an application.

2 - Attend a brief training session.

3 - Take a dog home.

That's it. Sign up to foster today, and you can be a hero for one of the amazing dogs listed below.

Mia is a tiny little girl who can sometimes be intimidated by the big, loud world around her. She's looking for a quiet place to stay while she waits for her forever home. Mia's ideal foster family would include small dogs and patient adult humans.  Learn about Mia

Gracie is impossibly sweet -- she'll nibble and kiss your ear, cuddle close during movie nights, and greet you with the biggest doggie smile you've ever seen. She is totally devoted to her people.  Learn about Gracie

Mabell is a shy little gal who wants nothing more than to cuddle with people who earn her trust. She's a little pushy around other small dogs, so think of her as a tiny diva. Learn about Mabell

Experienced handler? We NEED you.

- You know all about positive reinforcement training methods.

- The words reactivity, touch sensitivity, and resource guarding are in your vocabulary already.

- You love the problem children as much as we do.

Tell us a little more about your background, and we'll do our best to match you to a dog who would benefit from your guidance.