Through Their Eyes


Toys? Did someone mention toys? Arius LOVES toys -- any kind, really, but squeaky toys are the best. He excels at removing squeakers in less than 5 seconds. Arius and volunteer Lindsey are #TeamArius. Read more...


Bud is a ranch hand in training. This guy has brains and energy to spare, and he's looking for a full-time job. #TeamBud also includes volunteer Marisa, who loves Bud's exuberant personality.  Read more...


Buddy is a brainiac who loves to play fetch -- and successfully catches the ball about 80% of the time. He and staff member Caitlyn make up #TeamBuddy.  Read more...


With a big personality, an obvious fondness for food, and a secret soft side, Ginger is truly one of a kind. Her best friend is her foster mom, Kelly, and together they're the incomparable #TeamGinger.  Read more...


Good news! Kyle, pictured here with volunteer Amanda, just got adopted! So Amanda is now partnered with Lucy, a little sweetheart who's been described as "the perfect dog" by her last rescue. Who's rooting for the newly formed #TeamLucy?  Read more...


Who loves face kisses? Love nibbles? Lap snuggles? Then you have to come meet Luna. This affectionate gal has paired up with volunteer Megan. We love #TeamLuna! Read more...


All featured dogs are available for adoption. Click HERE to learn more about adopting from MCR, and stop by the Rescue on Saturday between 12 and 5 to complete a meet-and-greet. These quirky, delightful, wild, and crazy dogs would love to go home with you this weekend.


Support your favorite #Team by donating. All proceeds go to MCR to help us care for dogs in need. The dog who raises the most money wins a 24 hour vacation from the kennels. He or she will stay at a local pet-friendly hotel with a staff member and will enjoy dinner, a movie, and a paw massage.


Help us spread the word and bring awareness to our cause. As you watch the event unfold on our Facebook page, share our posts. With your help, we can find homes for our dogs and raise money to support our life-saving efforts. Share your favorite #Team with the world!


#ThroughTheirEyes is an online adoption and fundraising event. Tune in via MCR's Facebook page. Kennel walk-throughs are not permitted, but feel free to visit our facility -- we'll bring the dogs out to you!


The event runs February 16 - 17, 6 pm - 6 pm. Read all about our teams this week, and check out their live-streaming posts on Friday and Saturday.


#ThroughTheirEyes began as a way for volunteers and staff to learn more about our dogs' experiences. We strive to improve our quality of care based on what we learn from sharing a kennel. But honestly? The event is also a really fun sleepover.


#TeamMary is a definite favorite around here. Mary is a winning combination of cuddly and playful: she firmly believes she's a lap dog, and she's skilled at dissecting plushies. Volunteer Bill will join this sweetheart for our event.  Read more...


Why love one dog when you can love two? Paddy and Krista are everything you've always wanted: friendly, sassy, cuddly, playful, goofy, and just a little weird. They will be joined by volunteer and Board member Kristi, who's constantly amused by their antics.  Read more...


Oh, Prince. A local celebrity, this beautiful guy steals hearts every day. If you're already wrapped around his paw, be sure to donate to #TeamPrince. He and volunteer Siera would appreciate your support.  Read more...


A huge fan of booty rubs and zoomies, Sky is a goofy, playful, and oh-so-smart pup. Maria has kindly agreed to partner with Sky, and these ladies will have a blast hanging out together over the weekend. Who's rooting for #TeamSky? Read more...


Routine is good. Very good. Our little man Spunky likes his schedule, but we're sure he can accommodate volunteer Connie for the night. He'll probably settle right in for 24 hours of cuddles and ear scratches.  Read more...


If you know anything about MCR, you know that Toast is our guy. We are completely dedicated to this fearful, special, utterly lovable pup. It takes a while to earn Toast's trust, but volunteer Angela has won him over. Let's hear it for #TeamToast!  Read more...

Photos courtesy of Bob Rider Photography.


These dogs are amazing! And we're so glad you love them, too. If you're ready to adopt, visit MCR on Saturday between 12 and 5 to meet your favorite team. We would be happy to introduce you to any of our featured pups.

Address: 501 E Scenery Ln, Ste 100, Meridian, ID 83642

Phone: (208) 794-0944