Squirrel Chasers

Squirrel?! Does your dog have a sixth sense for the furry little critters who like to invade your backyard or dart across the sidewalk?

Does your dog’s uncanny ability to find them and track them also mean that he’s exceptionally good at lunging, chasing, barking, and jumping at said squirrels? It might be lots of fun for him, but we bet it’s less fun for you (and, of course, the squirrel).

Don’t worry: we can help! We know what it’s like to work with dogs who have a high prey drive. Sign up for our “”Squirrel Chasers”” class to learn how you can harness your dog’s natural predatory instincts in safer, more appropriate ways. We’ll cover easy techniques for meeting your dog’s inherent need to hunt that don’t put anyone in danger. You’ll leave the class with hands-on skills and references for more assistance.


About your instructor: Jessica Ewing is the Executive Director of Meridian Canine Rescue. She is certified in Family Dog Mediation, Collaborative Care, and Fear Free Sheltering. Jessica shares her home with several species, including dogs and cats.


Class details: This is a 1 hr class held at CapEd Credit Union Administrative Office (275 S Stratford Dr, Meridian, ID 83642). Class is for humans only, please leave all pets at home.


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