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Does your dog bark, lunge and growl on walks? Do you dread taking your dog on walks? Or have you stopped walking your dog altogether? We can help!


In our Reactivity 101 class, we approach reactivity from both ends of the lead. We can help you get to the root cause of your dog’s reactivity, teach you strategies for reducing it, begin to change your dog’s feelings about his/her triggers, and help you to begin to change how you feel about your dog’s reactivity.


This class also includes a presentation about better understanding dog body language and ideas for alternate ways of enriching your dog’s life if walking them is not currently practical or possible.


If you are ready to begin repairing your relationship with your reactive dog, this is the class for you. Sign up for this 6 week class now, and meet with us every Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 pm online from Sept. 12th to Oct. 17th.

Our next session starts September 12th!



About your instructor: Jennifer Harrington of The Zenful K-9 is an ABCDT certified dog trainer who specializes in dogs with reactivity and aggression issues. She has taken Michael Shikashio’s “Aggression in Dogs Master Class” and is completing the Empowered Dog “Reframing Reactivity” class and has worked with a variety of reactive dogs. She is passionate about helping people and their dogs live their best lives together.
Class format: This is an online class. We will use Google Apps, including Classroom, Docs, and Meet. A Gmail account is recommended for all students.
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