Pantry PopUp – January

New this year! We know we all struggle sometimes. Prices are getting higher and we want the best quality of life for our pets!
If you are a dog owner and you are in need of dog supplies, like dry food, bowls, leashes, bowls, beds,etc visit us on 1/21!
We will bring all our excess in donations to support dog owners that need a little help. No proof of income
is required.
You can take what you need and give what you can! We are all on this together!
If you have some items to donate to our Pantry Popup, feel free to pass by and drop them off that day or in our outside bin. No opened bags or expired items please!
We will try to offer this every month! Please share this so we can reach as many people in the community as
We will also bring our merchandise and snuffle mats if somebody missed our events and wants to support the

The event is finished.

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