Idaho Gives 2020

Every year, Meridian Canine Rescue cares for hundreds of dogs. We take in dogs when their families can no longer care for them, and we transfer dogs from shelters and rescues when they need our help. Before they arrive, MCR staff and volunteers ask questions, collect information, and develop a plan to care for the new arrivals.

Our Dog Care Program is focused on each individual pup. Led by our Dog Care Coordinator, staffed by our Dog Care Attendants, and managed by our Dog Care Committee, this program is the backbone of our work at MCR. It provides housing, food, and medical care to an average of 250 dogs per year. And every single dog receives unique, customized care.

With your help, we can plan big again. In the next year, we want to establish a fear free kennel environment by providing more training to volunteers and staff. We plan to implement additional housing changes so that we can offer alternative housing to more dogs. And we’d like to reduce the length of time our dogs stay in our custody even further.

We know that #IdahoLovesDogs. This year, for Idaho Gives, show your love for the goofy, sassy, perfect individuals at Meridian Canine Rescue.

Thank you to B&B Steel for generously donating to our campaign this year. We’re so grateful!

The event is finished.

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