Ditching the Bowls

Food enrichment is all about making breakfast and dinner into fun, interesting experiences for our dogs.

Like eating isn’t already exciting?! 

Mealtimes are the perfect opportunity to include some enrichment into a dog’s daily life. 

Activities like food puzzles, snuffle mats, and frozen Kongs keep them mentally and physically agile as they forage and hunt for their food. And when their meals include new flavors like green beans and blueberries — even better.

Food enrichment taps into the dog’s instinctual behaviors while also providing a necessary and fulfilling mental outlet for energy. 

We have made it our goal to incorporate food enrichment exercises to help reduce some of the stress in the kennel environment. 

We saw that our dogs got bored eating the same meal out of the same bowl over and over again. That’s why we ditched the bowls.

When feeding your own dogs at home, try to mix it up a little. Go wild for dinner. 

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