Transfer Request

Thanks for reaching out. We love to work with our shelter and rescue partners to help more dogs in need. At MCR, our priority is the most urgent dogs, so while we evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis, we do try to focus on helping the dogs who need immediate rescue placement.

Pictures, videos, and medical records for each dog should be sent via email to 

Using the brief form below, please provide as much information as possible about the dog(s) you'd like to transfer to us. The more we know, the better. It is much easier for us to make a timely decision about a dog if we have a clear picture of the dog's health and temperament, so we would really appreciate pictures/videos and vet records if you have them. If you are interested in sending a dog who has behavioral issues, please try to record a brief video that illustrates the problem behavior(s). We have limited resources here, so we need to make sure we can help the dog before agreeing to take him or her into our care.

Once you've submitted a request, our staff will review the information and decide if/when we can take the dog. We will reply to you via email, and if we have decided to move forward with the transfer, we will provide a copy of our transfer agreement.

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Please indicate if the dog has received all of the following vaccinations from a vet: DA2PP or equivalent, Bordetella, and Rabies.
Please describe any known medical issues.
Please indicate which behavioral issues, if any, the dog displays.
Please detail the reason for the transfer, plus any additional information about the dog's health and temperament.