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Let’s Play the Name Game!

“Rover?” Instant attention. That’s the purpose of the Name Game — to capture your dog’s attention by calling his name. In this video, Hillary tells you how to play the Name Game with your dog. The volunteers and staff at Meridian Canine Rescue play this game in order to teach new skills to our dogs,… Read More »Let’s Play the Name Game!

Breakfast in Busy Boxes

At Meridian Canine Rescue, we serve meals in busy boxes at least twice per week. The boxes are so easy to customize, and since each one is different, our dogs never get bored. Rachel, our Dog Care Attendant, demonstrates the activity at home with her own dogs. Change things up each time you make a… Read More »Breakfast in Busy Boxes

Intro to Clicker Training

Positive reinforcement training works for dogs (and people!) by helping them learn what’s expected. Basically, we reinforce a behavior so that it’s more likely to occur again. Dog training is so much easier when you have the right tools. Clickers help you to mark the behavior you want from your dog. And high value rewards… Read More »Intro to Clicker Training