Autumn Leaves and Kippers Please!

The sky is blue. The leaves are changing. And Kip is having the time of his life.

Field trips are paws down one of the absolute best things we do for our dogs. We love spending time with them exploring our beautiful state, and on this day, we decided to take Kippy to a remote trail system to let him wander around on a long line.

He smelled everything. With a loose body and a super handsome swagger, our Office Dog strolled along the trails letting the sensory experience wash over him.

Every few moments, he’d glance back to check in with us. His expression seemed to say, “Do you guys see this? It’s amazing out here!”

Field trips provide ample opportunity for our dogs to just be dogs. They can dig and run and roll around on the ground. The outings reduce their stress and allow them to engage in more realistic behaviors — like play. It’s not uncommon for Kip to strike a pose — he’s the best at play bows — when he’s out on an adventure.

Autumn in Idaho is perfect — and it’s the perfect time to explore our state with your own four-legged friend. So grab a long line, and go relax on the trails with your own dog. We promise that you will both enjoy the experience.

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