MCR improves safety and efficiency at the shelter thanks to the ASPCA!

In 2019, after working with the ASPCA, MCR upgraded our cleaning protocols. Our goal was to be a safer and healthier shelter. We moved away from using bleach based cleaning products to clean the kennels, floors, surfaces, feeding bowls, etc.

We had learned about a product called “Rescue” that is environmentally friendly, as hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen and is a non-toxic formulation keeping humans and animals protected. The ASPCA assessed our shelter, helped us transition over to that product, and guided us through protocol revisions. We then had the opportunity to apply for a grant that would allow us to upgrade our equipment. The ASPCA awarded us $6200 to purchase a mixing station and other necessary supplies. 

But… 2020 came and the pandemic made us close our shelter, leaving only staff to take care of the dogs and all the duties at the facility, including cleaning and disinfecting. The Rescue solution was easy to use and kept our shelter clean for longer periods of time. We just had a lot to do each day. Rescue is used for laundry, dishes, and enrichment supplies. As you can se in the pictures below, we had easy steps to follow. We simply needed to upgrade our equipment to make the processes even more efficient and effective.

Thanks to the ASPCA grant, we were able to purchase and install a mixing station that helps us get Rescue ready to use for our volunteers and staff. Yes, it looks fancy! We are still adjusting to the new setup, but it helps us expedite the preparation and preservation of the product.

If you visited or volunteered at the shelter you know that there is A LOT to clean and disinfect on a daily basis. The mixing station saves us valuable time. The color-coded brushes, bottles, and squeegees keep us organized as we move from space to space. And the Rescue supply lasts a long time.

Through our partnership with the ASPCA and Ogena Solutions, we’ve learned all about Rescue — how to apply the product, how much time is needed for it to properly work, and how to safely mix everything. Now that we have the right supplies, our protocols and posted instructions make it easy for the volunteers to use Rescue without problems. We are thrilled with the results of this grant. Thank you, ASPCA!

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