Thank you for choosing adoption. With your help, we will save the lives of dogs in desperate need of homes.

We are dedicated to helping your family find a dog who will suit your lifestyle and needs. In order to make this process as smooth as possible, our adoption counselors will introduce you to our available dogs and will discuss any of your questions or concerns. We do ask that you bring all family members, including other dogs, to the Rescue for a supervised meet-and-greet. We’ll see how everyone gets along and take it from there.

At MCR, we have embraced the “Adopters Welcome” policy. This means that you are welcome here, even if you’ve never taken care of a dog before and don’t have a fully fenced yard. We’ve gathered resources and professionals to help you take excellent care of whichever dog you would like to adopt. Our goal is not only to send dogs to homes but also to keep them there. You will have post-adoption support for the rest of your dog’s life. We’re here to help.

Adoption Fees:

  • $300 for a single dog.
  • $450 for a bonded pair.

We have standardized our adoption fees in order to reinforce our belief that each dog is an individual. They are all created equal, and their lives are equally valuable. As a rescue that receives no funding and has no vet clinic on-site, the adoption fee is used to cover the expenses associated with caring for our dogs. Some dogs need more care; some dogs need less. When dogs arrive to us fully vetted, their adoption fees are redirected toward dogs who need additional medical work.

All dogs are examined, spayed or neutered, and fully vaccinated before going home. We provide flea and tick treatment, deworming, and additional medical care as needed. With help from the incredible team of veterinarians and technicians at Paramount Animal Care, your dog receives excellent care while she’s waiting for you to come take her home. Her physical and mental health is our top priority.

In other words, your adoption fee will help us pay off our bills for all of the services we’ve provided for your new dog. Your dog herself? Well, she’s priceless.

Adoptable Dogs

We’re ditching the label. Here at MCR, we believe that every dog is an individual.  That’s why we’ve moved away from breed labeling in order to focus on the unique personality of each dog in our care.  To find out more about the issues surrounding breed labels, click here.

(And, if you’re up for the challenge, see if you can spot the Labs, the German Shepherds, and the Pit Bulls in these lineups from the Animal Farm Foundation. Good luck!)