Every day, we focus on the dogs in our care. We feed them, we walk with them, we play and cuddle and romp — and all of that is incredibly important work. But there’s more to rescue than the daily tasks associated with helping individual dogs. For us, rescue is a community affair.

We’re here to spread the word: rescuing saves lives. When you choose adoption, you’ve made the conscious decision to keep a dog alive and to reduce the homeless dog population. That’s a really big deal.

To raise awareness about the rescue world, we actively aim to promote our dogs, our programs, and our amazing network of support. Topics like spaying and neutering your companion animals, safely handling fearful dogs, positive reinforcement training, and integrating a new dog into your home and family life are opportunities for us to provide education and resources to our adopters and to other members of the local community. We’re here to share our stories, hoping that you can learn from these experiences, too — because they’ve taught us so much about the dogs in our lives.

Above all, for everyone here at MCR, the dogs are our priority. We want them to live full, comfortable lives. And we recognize that, with your help, we can make that happen.

Want to talk about our dogs? For all media-related inquiries, please email You can also call us at (208) 794-0944.

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