Puppies… And More Puppies

With the car packed completely full of donations, coffees in hand, and a full tank of gas, we started our drive to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.

While our original plan was to drop off food and supply donations and to pick up a litter of six puppies that we were bringing back and taking into foster… things changed a bit. 

When we arrived to the reservation, we first met up with our partner. She often looks after some of the homeless animals on the reservation; making sure they are getting food and water and being taken care of.  She was the one who had contacted us about the litter of puppies.

So we unloaded the donations and met the six adorable babies that were coming back with us. 

After we gathered them all up and we were ready to head out, our partner mentioned that she had found three puppies left in the dumpster the night before.

She opened her back door and three incredibly tiny and absolutely adorable puppies came running out and sat at our feet. 

Long story short, we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to bring them back. Even though we were told that we had no room in the shelter for more dogs. We had no idea how old they were or if they were healthy or not. There was no foster for them, and they definitely would not be able to stay at the rescue. 

It was a risky decision.

And it brings up an important point…

The sad reality is that we can’t bring every homeless dog to MCR. Oh boy, we all wish we could, but we simply can’t. We don’t have the space or the money to bring every single one home.

But there is so much we CAN do. We CAN bring food donations to make sure that all the dogs get fed. We CAN bring supplies to help our partner take care of them. 

Just because we can’t bring them all back, doesn’t mean we have to stop there.

However, in this case, even with the unexpected change of plans, our volunteers and supporters came through for us and for the extra puppies. We were able to get them into foster and provide them with medical care. That wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our incredible community. 

Within the first day of us returning back from the reservation and realizing that the puppies were going to need milk formula, dozens of people brought milk replacement to the shelter, shipped some to us, or donated money to help us make sure these guys were taken care of. Thank you for loving them as much as we do.

MCR Social Media Intern

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