2020 – The Year of the Kippy

Hello. My name is Kip. They asked me to write the first blog post of the new year because I’m the Office Dog. So I know all the things.

First, I should tell you that I’ve been practicing my poses. The humans tell me that I make a very good model, and I have to agree. Check out these pictures!
Second, according to the humans, we go on field trips for other reasons besides taking gorgeous photos of my handsome face. They say that outings reduce stress for both dogs and humans. They say that it’s a good idea for us to spend time sniffing and digging and rolling around in that interesting patch of slimy grass that smells so delicious. (OK, maybe they don’t love it when we do that. But too bad — it’s fun!)

As the Office Dog, I’ve been involved in lots of strategic planning sessions. The humans sit around and talk a lot during those meetings. Sometimes they shuffle papers and pace in circles and draw weird symbols on giant white boards. None of it makes any sense to me, but at least there are snacks involved.

Because of all this strategy talk, the humans have decided that us dogs are going to get a lot more training, enrichment, behavioral support, field trips, overnights, specialized housing, and cuddle time this year. Which sounds pretty good to me. And when I presented the news to my fellow dogs at our own Very Important Strategic Planning Meeting of the Dogs, everyone agreed.

So keep your eyes open for more news from MCR. Because it sounds like 2020 will be a pretty great year for us.

Love, Kippy

P.S. I came up with the title all by myself 🙂

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